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Battery Charging Animation MOD APK Description

It’s easier to picture living with a mobile phone these days. It’s impossible to imagine life without them since they help us in many ways, from staying in contact with loved ones to spending our free time with fun activities. Yet, most smartphone users have experienced quick battery loss. Frequent usage quickly depletes the battery, which is inconvenient when you’re away from a power outlet. The Battery Charging Animation MOD APK solves all your problems with this single APK.

Some developers have reacted to this problem by building smartphone power-saving apps. The Battery Charging Animation Mod APK is one such software. This post will explain what an APK is, what it does, and how to install a mod on your Android smartphone that shows an animated battery charging process.

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The Battery Charging Animation Enlightens Users

A battery-charging animation mod APK may extend the life of your phone’s battery by switching to a different animation while it is charging. Instead of the traditional animation, this one will play while your phone is charging.

You may enjoy this app’s assortment of visually pleasing charging animations when charging your phone. Among the animated features are a battery charging indicator, a charge percentage indicator, and a battery level indicator. These animations are intended to be simple and basic so that you can always keep track of the remaining power on your phone.

Battery Charging Animation Mod APK is a must-have for your Android smartphone.

Unique Charging Animations

Several of the charging animations in this app are unique and not seen in the standard charging animation on your phone.

Low Battery Notification

This feature notifies you when your phone’s battery is low, allowing you enough time to charge it before it dies.

charging fun battery animation mod apk screenshots

Battery Health Monitor

Battery Health Monitor is an app that does just that, checking the health of your phone’s battery and advising you on how to get the most out of it.


Battery Charging Animation Mod APK allows you total control over the charging animation, allowing you to customize its size and color to your liking.


You don’t need any previous expertise or technological skills to use this program.


Using a program called Battery Charging Animation Mod APK, you may increase the life of your phone’s battery. The program is easy to use, and the charging motion may be customized. Those tired of their phone’s standard charging animation should check out this app. Suppose you are concerned about the security of your data. In that case, it is critical that you purchase the software from a reputable source.

How To Download Battery Charging Animation Mod APK

  • Just follow the steps below to install Battery Charging Animation.
  • First, get the APK file from the given download button below.
  • In your phone’s settings, enable “Unknown sources” under “Security.”
  • Go to the APK’s destination and double-tap the file to begin the installation.
  • Finally, run the newly installed app and choose your desired charging animation.
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Additional Information

App NameBattery Charging Animation
App Size24 MB
App Downloads1M+
App CategoryEntertainment
Android Requirements6.0 and up

App Permissions

Showing permissions for all versions of this app

This app has access to:


  • modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
  • read the contents of your USB storage


  • modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
  • read the contents of your USB storage

Wi-Fi connection information

  • view Wi-Fi connections


  • display unauthorized windows
  • receive data from Internet
  • view network connections
  • run at startup
  • draw over other apps
  • disable your screen lock
  • prevent device from sleeping
  • modify system settings
  • change your audio settings
  • change system display settings
  • full network access