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Description of Hiper Calc Pro

Hiper Calc Pro is now available for download on smartphones and tablets. Three settings on a calculator facilitate mathematical calculations. With pro, you are skilled in arithmetic and unit conversion. People contemplate it daily.

Upgraded Version

The matrices and vectors may now be used for computations in HiPER Calc Pro. Adding additional virtual formula keys will increase their appeal. Fewer keystrokes would facilitate access to formulae. More and more individuals need math and physics computations. The software’s crucial portion was separated so other functionalities could be added.


Change the app’s language settings to make it simpler to use. Even if additional languages existed, French and Italian were included in the new version.

Numbers & Units

Hiper scientific calculator pro can reliably convert between more than 100 different units. Fractions and decimals may be used interchangeably. The project depicts an integer sequence. There is unit conversion. Math is required for this interface.

Hiper Calc Pro APK Features

Modes & Devices

Users may flip between portrait and landscape mode by adjusting how they hold the smartphone. Apps for smartphones with tiny displays function. On the primary display will be a little display. The spreadsheet is designed and functions equally well on a tablet and a phone. Additional calculation history tables allow you to see past calculations.

Saving of Time

When you reuse computations, you save time. The archives include mathematical symbols, techniques, and applications.

Maps & Graphs

The graphing abilities of the Hiper Calculator are excellent. The app examines functional and integral graphs in 3D. In geometry issues, perimeter and area are represented by formulae. Students may find graphs helpful in completing homework and learning.

Basic Calculations

The majority of Hiper scientific calculator pro consists of equations and numbers. Using signs, you may add, subtract, multiply, and divide. Different types of math worksheets exist. Limiting the range of a computation guarantees its accuracy.

hiper scientific calculator pro features

Profile Cover

The clipboard history is kept for future usage. Memory is allocated for clipboard format storage. For maintaining records, more memory is required.

HiPER Calc is accurate and user-friendly. 3D designs require math equations, which is easy with this app. Rate the modification so that developer can improve the technology in its next version.

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Additional Information

App NameHiPER Calc Pro
App Size3 MB
App Installs100,000+
Android Requirements4.1 and up
App CategoryTools

We Share Some Public Reviews

  1. Gray Goodman
    Has more capabilities than all but the most expensive physical calculators, except for statistics. (Edit: statistics is now added.) It is easier to use with great built-in help and is configurable to the styles used in different countries. Besides that, you will always have it with you. It stores your past entries so that you can edit and reuse them with different values.
  2. Mike Callahan
    Very good calculator app- it has worked for all my needs, plus has a lot of features that make using it a pleasure. You can see all your entries as you go, showing if you made a mistake while entering info. Many, many powerful functions and features allow for simple arithmetic to calculus equations. Thank you for this great application!