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Description of Temp Mail Premium APK

Today, it may be challenging to trace your digital footprint. People use disposable email services since they get many emails and spam. The Temp Mail Premium APK makes it simple to create temporary email accounts. This article will discuss how beneficial the app is and how to download Temp Mail Premium APK.

Is there a Temp Mail Plus app for Android?

The premium edition of Temp Mail APK enhances the free version with many essential features. Users may use Temp Mail to create temporary email accounts to prevent spam, fraud, and other unwelcome communications. The commercial version of this temporary email service has additional features and no advertisements.

Temp Mail Premium Specifications:

There will be no commercial interruptions!

Stop advertising from interfering with your ability to work. When you use Temp Mail Premium APK, you won’t have to worry about adverts.

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More email storage!

You may create a temporary email account using Temp Mail’s free version. However, Temp Mail may extend the life of your temporary email, making it preferable for long-term usage.

Personalized email addresses!

Name your temporary email accounts something simple to remember. Even brief conversations belong in the workplace with this option.

Size and Length of Attachment!

You may now send and receive bigger files in temporary emails with Temp Mail Premium APK.

Multiple email addresses!

You may create and manage many phony email accounts with the premium edition. This application is excellent for managing several internet sites or projects.

Customers come first!

People that pay for Temp Mail get quicker responses. Their customer support representatives can assist with difficulties and provide answers to concerns.

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Essential Features:

  • Ad-Free Experience
  • Extended Email Lifespan
  • Custom Email Names
  • Increased Attachment Size
  • Multiple Email Addresses
  • Priority Customer Support

Access Extra features with Premium

  • Custom emails
  • Premium domains
  • Increase email storage
  • Help support
  • Unique Emails Provider
  • Hide from spam
  • No registration is required
  • Emails deleted forever
  • Generate a new email instantly
  • Read incoming emails
  • Notifications for new emails

How to Download Temp Mail Premium APK?

Due to changes, the Temp Mail will no longer be available on Google Play or the Apple App Store after September 2021. You may obtain Temp Mail from our site and can install it usually on your device.

Allow everyone to make recommendations!

Navigate to “Settings” on your Android smartphone, then “Security” (or “Privacy” on specific devices), and then “Unknown Sources.”

Installing the apk!

You can use the download link to get Temp Mail for your smartphone.

To install the app, use the APK file!

Click on the file from the downloads folder or wherever it was saved after downloading. The setup wizard begins when you press the file.

Acceptance and Meeting!

When installing the program, it may request entry privileges. Before you install, be sure you can.

Use High-Quality Interim Mail!

Installing the premium Temp Mail app gives you access to paid tools.

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Additional Information

App NameTemp Mail – Temporary Email
App Size19MB
App Downloads10M+
App CategoryCommunication
Android Requirements5.0 and up


Temp Mail Premium APK is a must-have for temporary email. The powerful Temp Mail service has been enhanced by removing advertisements, making emails live longer, allowing users to pick their email aliases, and allowing them to send larger files. To keep your device secure, always download the APK from our site. Temp Mail simplifies protecting your primary email account while doing other online duties.

We Share Some Public Reviews

  1. Shahriyar
    It’s a helpful app for making a throwaway account on a website or something that you don’t know if it will send spam to your main email, but with temp mail, you can see that it spams that temporary email and you can just move on and get a new one. Much easier than making a new email yourself.
  2. Loveday Smart
    Temp Mail is absolutely the best disposable email generator on the planet currently. Even without premium mails appearing. No ads, you just have to accept to watch a short video after some days to be able to keep changing emails. I’m totally pleased with the service. I’ll go premium by next week so I can have up to 100 emails on my phone and still switch for new mails.